Eric Nam X Tablo X Gallant’s “Cave Me In” Has A Hidden Secret No One Knew About

Tablo and Eric Nam have revealed that there is a hidden sound in their recent collaboration song with Gallant, “Cave Me In“, and you may be able to hear it if you listen carefully.

On January 27, Tablo and Eric Nam appeared as guests on The Cultwo Show and revealed a funny story behind a hidden sound in their song “Cave Me In” with Gallant.

Tablo explained that a small KakaoTalk notification alarm can be heard at 2:04 point of the song, but it is very faint. If you increase the volume and strain your ears, you just may be able to hear a high-pitched “KaTalk!” pretty clearly.

Tablo confessed that he did not realise that sound had been recorded into the song although he directed the recording himself and for that reason the notification sound had made it into their official release version of the song.

Can you spot the “KaTalk” notification by listening to “Cave Me In” below?


Listen to the smoothest love song and get ready to :heart:.

Posted by Koreaboo on Thursday, January 26, 2017


Source: Instiz