ESPORTS Player Attributes His Success To K-Pop

Find out who his favorite groups are.

Recently, JiriLiNkzrMasalin of the Houston Outlaws sat down with Blitz Esports and talked a bit about what really gets him motivated when he plays Overwatch.


While most of the interview focuses on his time spent working with head coach Tairong and the team’s recent Texas tour, LiNkzr talks a lot about what kind of music helps him play.


Classical music may get this gamer back on track and find his flow, but K-Pop is the real reason that he performs so well.

“Classical is the one where you regroup yourself and find a flow, you know? And K-Pop is the one where you pop off. You get in the game, you put on K-Pop and you just frag out.” — LiNkrz


And it turns out he has some particular favorites for when he really gets into the game.

“I think MOMOLAND and BTS are two good ones. And KARD.” — LiNkrz


But he has a favorite song that he believes could prove to be his biggest key to success.

“If I could get MOMOLAND’s ‘Bboom Bboom‘ on repeat I would pop off so hard!” — LiNkrz


Check out this K-Pop fan’s full interview below!