Eun Ji Won Tells Tearjerking Story of How His Beloved Dog Waited for Him Before Passing Away

He confessed that he cried for 3 days straight after that.

Eun Ji Won recently appeared as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star, where he talked about his “tear button” as well as what makes him cry the most.

After confessing that he has a “tear button”, Eun Ji Won shared, “I cry a lot when I watch TV. Like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. I also cry when it has anything to do with animals and mothers.

And when Kim Goo Ra asked about the last time he cried a lot, Eun Ji Won brought up his father’s passing and caught everyone off guard.

He then brought up the most shocking incident that made him cry, which was when the beloved dog he grew up with passed away.

He shared, “I grew up with 8 dogs in the house, but there was one, in particular, I was really close with. But when I went to Hawaii to study abroad, he got really old, lost his teeth, and couldn’t even walk properly.

But he said when he returned to Korea for an activity he had to participate in with SechsKies, his dog was still alive. He explained, “He couldn’t even walk properly, but he somehow came down to greet me. He then looked at me, wagged his tail, and then passed away right on those stairs. He was waiting for me. I cried for 3 days straight after that.

Eun Ji Won shared that he was very impacted by his dog’s passing, but that it didn’t stop him from raising other dogs in the future.

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch