Eunha is quitting dieting and trusts fans will support her weight gain

G-Friend‘s Eunha has announced that she is done dieting and will be trying to gain back all of her lost weight.

During a broadcast of MBC Music’s Show! Champion, popular girl group G-Friend took the viewers behind-the-scenes, where they talked about their struggles with dieting. The girls admitted that they have been trying to improve their visuals by losing weight, and praised Eunha for having successfully lost weight for their comeback. However, Eunha commented on dieting and her true feelings about her appearance.

“The real Eunha has chubby cheeks and double chin.”

Eunha (G-Friend)

“My fans will love me just the way I am.”

– Eunha (G-Friend)

When Eunha made her debut with G-Friend, she received quite a following for her youthful charms both on stage and off. It was her “balloon cheeks” and cuteness that caught the most attention. However, she was also one of the members that had to undergo a diet regimen alongside SinB, Yerin and Umji.

From her words on the broadcast, it looks like Eunha has decided to stop dieting and break female idol stereotypes.


Source: Instiz