Eunhyuk Always Wanted Plastic Surgery, But SM Entertainment Forbid Him For This Reason

Eunhyuk has confessed that he once thought about getting plastic surgery… but was stopped.


He made the confession during a Knowing Brothers appearance with fellow members Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, and Donghae.


Apparently, it all started when he caught quite a buzz as soon Super Junior made their debut.


He was once of the most talked about members with comments asking him about his visuals, height, and overall appearance…


So, he was tempted of the idea of getting his face altered but made this interesting confession.

“I’ve always wanted to get plastic surgery but my company forbid me from doing it”

– Super Junior Eunhyuk

He revealed that the reason SM Entertainment absolutely forbid him from getting surgery wasn’t because they were against the surgery itself but because of what it may cause.

“They said if I get one procedure done than I would end up having to change my entire face because it would look awkward.”


Source: Newsen