Eunji Reveals The Bomb Threats Against Apink Are Still Affecting Her Life

“I think I’m still too afraid.”

During a live broadcast, Apink’s Eunji mentioned Apink’s previous bomb threats and how it was affecting her life.


During the live broadcast, Eunji was enjoying herself at Han River Park having a feast inside her tent. She also took the time to answer some of her fans’ questions.


One of the questions she was asked was whether she had the intent to appear on the popular program I Live Alone. After reading the question, Eunji hesitated for quite awhile before saying, “Can I be honest?”


She then hesitated longer, making everyone around her all tense as well!

“You guys are all nervous, aren’t you!” ㅡ Eunji


Finally, she confessed that she was afraid to show her house on television after the terrifying incidents Apink experienced.

“Honestly, I’m really afraid to reveal my home. We experienced such unpleasant incidents in the past and since then, I was afraid of exposing my house. I haven’t been asked by the program or anything yet, but since people keep asking me about it I have thought about it. But, I think I’m still too afraid.” ㅡ Eunji


Since the beginning of last year, Apink has unfortunately faced numerous bombing threats by an anonymous person who had threatened multiple times to bomb events that the members were attending.

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Apink was apparently threatened more than 30 times during just the latter half of 2017.


Numerous events were eventually canceled due to these threats and considering the severity of the incidents, it is not a surprise that Eunji continues to suffer from its aftermath.

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The suspect is supposedly a man in his 30’s who resides in Canada. The man, who used to be a fan, had apparently been furious when the Apink members went on blind dates on a program and have since been lashing out on them through the unreasonable threats. Apink has since gained cooperation by INTERPOL, who released a Red Notice on the man, and the Korean police sought cooperation from the Canadian law enforcement as well.


It is more than understandable that Eunji has reservations about revealing her home on a program and fans are completely fine with it, as long as she is safe and sound! Please be safe!