Even Benedict Cumberbatch sends “finger hearts” for his Korean fans

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch attempts to send a “finger heart” and fails in an adorable fashion! 

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, the cast of the film Doctor Stranger, personally thanked their Korean fans for the success of the film in the country.

Doctor Strange reportedly attracted more than 5 million audiences in attendance. It was released last October 28th. A video message from the actor and actress were sent to relay their thanks. He expressed how he is grateful for the support received by the film and wanted to thank them directly if he gets a chance to visit.

The message also included an adorable fan service from the actor. To send his love, he made use of the “finger hearts” gesture. A gesture that involves the combination of the thumb and index finger to create a smaller version of the heart sign. A gesture highly popular amongst Korean celebrities these days.

Meanwhile, Tilda Swinton appeared with a traditional crown filter for the video greeting and even greeted in Korean for her introduction. She also sent her love and thanked their fans in South Korea for the support.

Both of the video messages were from Marvel’s official Facebook page.

Source: Dispatch