Even BTS’s ‘Golden Maknae’ Jungkook Has Something He’s Scared Of

He is human after all.

ARMYs all know BTS‘s Jungkook is the last person to be afraid of anything considering how talented he is in everything he does. I mean, take a look at him jumping off on this swing with not an ounce of fear in his eyes.

He even has the time to send a kiss before he takes off.

Look at just how happy our Jungkook is!

But even our golden maknae Jungkook has something he is scared of. He reveals in a video that he is scared of more realistic things such as microwaves and elevators. He states that he’s always scared that the microwave will blow up while using it.

He also admits that he is scared of things that pop like fireworks or balloons.

He really does seem to be scared as he completely hides his face when the members try to pop the confetti in front of him.

Regardless of what he’s scared of, he always delivers a stellar performance on stage for his beloved ARMYS.