Even BTS’s Suga Can’t Control RM’s “God Of Destruction” Tendencies When It Comes To Cooking

Minimoni is back at it again!

On May 5, episode 103 of Run BTS! aired and revealed part two of their Avatar series. In this episode, BTS‘s RM and Jimin become avators as Chef Suga controls their cooking. The point of the competition is to have Suga give orders to RM and Jimin on how to cook a certain meal. RM and Jimin take turns following Suga’s instructions while switching roles every two minutes. For this episode, RM and Jimin had to make Kimchi stew and Kimchi pancake.

They started off cooking fairly well, taking all orders given by Suga in a smooth and natural manner.

Things started to get a bit rocky as RM started misunderstanding Suga’s directions. When Suga asked about finding chicken stock, RM had no clue what it was, asking if it had anything to do with stock options instead.

Suga then directed them to grind up garlic and put it into the stew.

RM seemed to process the order wrong as he put a huge scoop of garlic into the pancake mixture instead of the stew.

When asked to put in one scoop of salt and one scoop of sugar, they ended up putting in one scoop of flavored salt and one scoop of grained salt.

Suga, who had been patient with their cooking all this time, started to get frustrated after they added double the salt into the stew.

They ended up having to raise their hands in time out to reflect on what they did wrong.

When Suga asked if the fire was on high, RM responded confidently saying that it was in fact on high, making Suga laugh.

RM tried to use his vision superpowers to check if the pancake was cooked evenly.

RM’s “god of destruction” ways returns as he throws the pancake onto the plate.

With only a few seconds left on the timer, Jimin ends up throwing the pancake on top of a bed of scallions in order to gain points for plating and decoration.

After the round ended, Jin asked, “Who can’t figure out the difference between salt and sugar?”

Apparently, these two!

All in all, the members did a great job and they all get an A for effort!

Hopefully we will see footage of the losing team’s penalty of seeing the sun rise on Achasan Mountain!