Even Fans Aren’t Sure If This Childhood Photo Is Of BTS’s Jin Or THE BOYZ’s Haknyeon

Can you guess who it is?

BTS‘s Jin and THE BOYZ‘s Haknyeon may not look like twins today, but their childhood pictures are a completely different story.

Fans unearthed several pictures of the two that were taken many years ago, and they may shock you!

In the pictures, both boys sported short hair, angular glasses, and a similar face shape. Can you guess who’s on the left and who’s on the right?

If you guessed that this is Jin in the picture, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. This little boy is middle school Haknyeon. We don’t blame you if you got it wrong!

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that they are different people. They look extremely similar—so much so that they could pass as brothers if not twins!

Even if they no longer look alike, they are nonetheless stunning visuals in their own right…

…”Worldwide Handsome” visuals, to be exact.

Source: theqoo