Even Fans Can’t Tell If This Is TWICE’s Tzuyu Or IZ*ONE’s Sakura

What do you think?

It goes without saying that TWICE‘s Tzuyu and IZ*ONE‘s Sakura are some of the most beautiful idols in the industry.

Although they’re not blood related, many think they share similar, stunning facial features. This was best seen in a photo that circulated online and had fans fighting over who they think the woman is.

The subject of the photo is a beautiful woman staring alluringly at the camera, one of her fingers touching her bottom lip.

Those who viewed the picture had varying opinions on who they believe the woman is. Some were adamant that it is Tzuyu, while others confidently stated that it is Sakura.

Anyone can tell that it’s Tzuyu though…

It’s Sakura but I’m surprised that so many people think that it’s Tzuyuㅋㅋㅋ

– K-Netizens

As it turns out, the photo is from Allure Magazine‘s May 2020 issue, which featured TWICE’s Jihyo and GOT7‘s JB.

Two pages of the said magazine were dedicated to the rest of the members⁠—and of course, the woman turned out to be Tzuyu! The much-talked about photo is on the middle row, beside Mina and under Nayeon.

Source: SQ K-Pop

The description itself confirms that it is Tzuyu:

Middle row: Tzuyu (Vleeda dress and R.J. Graziano ring).

– Allure Magazine

Did you guess right?

Source: SQ K-Pop and theqoo