Even The Press Can’t Help But Fall In Love With BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook is a favorite among the press.

During BTS’s return to Korea from their Japan fan meeting, they greeted the press as they always do. Jungkook in particular, is known for his signature 90 degree bow towards the media. On this day, he greeted the press with his usual 90 degree bow as well as took out his airpods to show a sign of respect.




A scene of the press talking among themselves, showed how much they loved Jungkook as well!



The conversation went like this:

Press A: Jungkook~

Press B: The press that loves Jungkook

Press A: Jungkookie oppa~

Press B: That was funny the coffee thing (referring to another moment during departure).



But, it’s not only Jungkook that receives much love from the press, but the whole group. Here are some other press and BTS interactions thus far!


The press went wild at the 2017 AMA photo zone.



V gave the press a good laugh with his cute gestures at the press conference for the drama “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.”



Reporters’ excitement to see the group could be seen in the clips as they shouted their names.



Reporters wished J-Hope happy birthday.




Jin made reporters laugh by doing funny moves.



Reporters asked to take pics with BTS, proving that they are fans as well.




It truly is really hard not to love these boys!