Even SuperM’s Baekhyun Knows How Whipped Taeyong Is For Him

Taeyong couldn’t help but laugh at being caught.

During SuperM‘s visit to hello82, the group answered some questions submitted by fans—with an adorable twist. Small children presented the questions to them, not only making them gush over how cute they were but also making them a little shy. Still, they also had a little fun.

Since fans know how fond Taeyong is of Baekhyun, the latter proved he could see all of it as well.

Coming up with a different type of question, a fan asked if there were a particular member they’d want to go to an amusement park with. After Mark read it aloud, everyone turned their attention to Taeyong.

Possibly already knowing what the outcome would be, Kai turned to Taeyong and asked, “Do you have anyone in mind?” Taeyong echoed the question while thinking it through, “Someone I want to go with?” He didn’t have to pretend any longer, though.

Saving everyone time and getting straight to the point, Baekhyun confidently announced it couldn’t be anyone except for him, “It’s me, obviously.” He’d hit the nail right on the head.

Taeyong couldn’t help but burst into laughter over Baekhyun seeing right through him, showing his blindingly happy smile and clapping. Even Taemin had to crack up at their antics.

In the end, Taeyong did have a valid reason for wanting to go to the amusement park with Baekhyun.

Taeyong pointed out how much he enjoyed himself when in the company of Baekhyun, “It’s always fun when Baekhyun’s around.” If the way he’d just burst into laughter was a glimpse of the fun they typically had, anyone could understand why.

The fact that Baekhyun already knew Taeyong would pick him shows how close the two have become—and how much Taeyong can’t hide his fondness of him. Check out the funny moment that even Baekhyun had to acknowledge how whipped Taeyong was for him.