MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed What’s On Her Phone, And Some Of It Might Be Rather Unexpected

So THAT’S what an idol has on her phone.

When MAMAMOO‘s Solar was challenged by fans to reveal what’s on her phone, she thought the challenge was interesting and rose to it in a segment filmed for her YouTube channel. She generously shared “what’s on my phone” and gave fans a peek into what apps she uses regularly and why.

Although everyone is different, so what Solar has on her phone isn’t exactly the standard for other idols, it’s definitely a cool and interesting experience being able to take a look at something so intensely private (with the owner’s consent, of course)!

At the beginning of her video, Solar greets us and lets everyone know why she’s taken this unique challenge. (Thank you to the epic Moomoo who suggested this!)

Although Solar insisted there was nothing interesting in her phone, she conceded that a lot of fans were curious about multiple things, included what kind of camera app she uses, so she wanted to answer those questions.

Before starting, however, she was adorably excited recently upgrading her phone to a Samsung Galaxy S10 5g! (Which she appears to have purchased in the stunning aura glow color!)

First, like most phone owners, she has a lock screen. Solar smartly uses finger unlock for her device.

After unlocking her phone, she gives us a quick run-through of the first few apps in her app drawer: weather, time, Samsung Pay, and audio recordings, which is sadly empty since she just got a new phone.

Moving along, she has the email and notes apps. Solar accidentally opens her Microsoft One Notes app, which leaves her a little flustered because the contents are top secret (as they relate to work). She reiterates that on her home screen, she has notes, mail, and audio recordings. She uses all of those apps for things related to Solarsido (her YouTube channel).

She also uses the Melon music app, as well as YouTube…

… She also uses the Google Music app, which appears to be where she stores most of her music. (She explains that although you can stream music instantly through the Melon app, it’s good to have downloaded music on your phone for occasions in which you don’t have service!)

There’s also the Naver Calendar app, and the Play Store, which is where Android users download their apps. Solar also has Instagram on her phone, although she said she only uses it to browse!

She isn’t immune to the planning allure that Pinterest offers, however, she was caught using her sister’s account for the planning social media site! (Oops!)

As with Instagram, Solar says she really just uses Facebook to browse to see what everyone is up to. (Relatable.)

Now, on to what viewers really want to know: which camera apps do Solar use?


Solar uses three camera apps: Photo Wonder, B612, and ULike.

She explains that she uses Photo Wonder to edit her photos, including adjusting the brightness.

B612 is one that she’s been using for a while because it has fun and funny filters.

As for ULike, she said she tends to use it because the photos turn out well!

See how nice her ULike photos turn out? (Although to be fair, Solar is absolutely stunning, so she’d look great no matter which app she used!)

She also shares her gallery with viewers, and it turns out she takes a lot of screenshots!

Solar also uses an app called Daum Café to check out all the posts there.

And, in yet another relatable moment, Solar shares she uses SoundHound to identify songs she doesn’t know so that she can expand her musical tastes!

Other apps on her phone include Clip, which stores membership cards, Phone, Messages, Chrome, Kakaotalk, and Settings.

The second page is also filled with apps, including a movie theater app and a piano app, which Solar shared that she uses on-the-go when she needs to find the correct note and doesn’t have an actual piano available.

She also uses the Pink Diary app and FOREO, which is an app that syncs up to a face pack she received as a gift from Moonbyul.

Solar, like all of us, has apps she doesn’t use often on her phone. In this case, the app in question is CAKE, an English learning application. Although, she said she does like to go in occasionally just to imitate it.

She has a row of navigation and banking apps…

… And the Papago app, which she said has really helped her with her English and translating!

CashLeaflet is something MAMAMOO are models for, and of course, she has V LIVE which is an important application for promoting with her group.

She has the GoPro app, which actually isn’t hers! The GoPro, she said, belongs to one of her colleagues who will sometimes loan it to her.

She rounds out the video showing her battery life, reception, vibrate, and alarm set up.

The video ends showing Bixby dropping sick bars as she raps for Solar, which starts at 9:20 in the video.

Were you surprised by what was on Solar’s phone or is it more or less what you expected?