EVERGLOW’s Label Allegedly Forced Mia To Get A Drastic Haircut… And She Hates It

Mia said that the decision was not made by her or her hairstylist.

The music industry’s often rigid control over the appearances of its stars is no secret, but fans are particularly taken aback when their favorite idols seem discontent with the changes. That’s exactly what’s happening with EVERGLOW‘s Mia, who recently debuted a drastic new haircut — not of her own choosing.

Mia | @EVERGLOW_twt/Twitter

Earlier this week, EVERGLOW appeared at Incheon Airport to fly for an overseas schedule. Mia surprised fans when she appeared alongside her fellow bandmates, her long, signature blonde hair replaced with a short, blue-dyed haircut.

Initially, the fans’ surprise turned into excitement as Mia’s new look turned heads and attracted much attention. However, the excitement quickly dampened after it was revealed that Mia, in fact, isn’t a fan of her new haircut.

The revelations came in response to fans’ questions on the group’s fan cafe. When asked about her drastic change in style, Mia hinted that the decision was not made by her or her hairstylist.

Where did my hair go… I was surprised too… my hair… It wasn’t my choice. It wasn’t the hairstylist’s choice.


Mia’s hair just a few months ago. | @EVERGLOW_twt/Twitter


One fan asked Mia about her feelings on the new hairstyle and how she was adjusting to the change. Mia shocked fans with her response — expressing her discontent by saying, “Disturbed.” When asked why she was unhappy with the new style, Mia explained, “The confused/upset feeling I felt while getting my haircut… thinking will it suit me… will Forever like it… etc…

These exchanges have led to speculation that the decision to drastically change Mia’s hair was made by her label, Yuehua Entertainment. Although it’s common in the K-Pop industry for idols’ looks to be tightly controlled by their management, it’s rare for an idol to speak out so candidly about their dissatisfaction with these choices.

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The revelation has sparked a considerable amount of debate and concern among the EVERGLOW fandom, with many feeling that Mia should have the freedom to control her appearance.

This situation has struck a chord with fans who have long been advocating for idols to have more autonomy over their personal aesthetics, including their hair color, styles, outfits, and makeup. Mia’s words have led to a flurry of social media discussions, with fans expressing their support for Mia and voicing their disapproval at Yuehua Entertainment for allegedly enforcing this unwanted change.

Meanwhile,  despite her disappointment, Mia continues to showcase her professional dedication, wowing fans with her performances. The EVERGLOW star is proving that while her label might attempt to control her apperance, they can’t diminish her talent or her connection with her fans.