Here Is Every Easter Egg Hidden In The New “The Reve Festival” Teaser

Only Reveluvs can spot all of them.

Red Velvet recently released the newest teaser for their upcoming “The Revel Festival” album.

Within the teasers, there are easter eggs… and those easter eggs are references to their past eras!

Can you spot them? Check it out below!

Revelus are in love with how they managed to fit five years of Red Velvet era into one teaser! They specifically love the “Happiness” era in the bottom left, since it represents a time in which Yeri was not yet added to the group. They love that they added “One of These Nights” to this area to reference when Yeri joined the group.

Some Reveluvs also recalled how Wendy‘s solo teaser for “Power Up” references a festival, the first scene saying “Let the festival start”. Some believe that this is in reference to this album!

The production team must have put their heart and soul into these teasers. Revelus are in love with and are excited for “The Reve Festival”!

Source: Pann

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