Every Fan Wants A Kiss From BTS’s Jin…Except This Ungrateful S.O.B

Not everyone loves him, apparently.

BTS‘s Jin loves to blow kisses almost as much as ARMY loves receiving them, but when he locked lips with this lucky “fan” he was totally rejected!


While on vacation in Saipan, BTS broke into teams to complete separate challenges. Team T (Jungkook, V, J-Hope, and Suga) had to ride on gravity-defying jetovators, while Team B (JinRM, and Jimin) had to swim rays.


As part of the challenge, Jin was supposed to kiss a stingray right on its rubbery lips, but that was easier said than done. Jin was able to pet a stingray without much difficulty, but when one got a little too close…


…Jin had one of his typical, dramatic freakouts.


Naturally, Jin was a little nervous about putting his mouth on one of these flying sea carpets, so he asked some very important questions.


Do they bite? Do they zap?


No? Okay. Jin was good to go! He puckered up and leaned in, but it didn’t go so well.


No doubt, at least two things were running through this stingray’s mind. One: “Why is hooman dancing like squid?”. And two: “Hooman didn’t buy me dinner first. How rude!”.


No wonder the stingray was miffed!


After much ado, Jin finally got his kiss…


…but the stingray probably won’t be calling him for a second “date”!


To see more, check out the full clip here.