Every female idol couldn’t help but fangirl over this top star

Top female idols like Red Velvet and GFRIEND couldn’t help but fangirl when this top star took the stage at 2017 Melon Music Awards!

The girls were casually sitting in the audience enjoying the night’s performance and award winners.


But as soon as this legendary vocalist took the stage, the girls got so excited!


That artist was none other than Park Hyo Shin!


They began to fangirl hardcore when Park Hyo Shin suddenly burst out in a short rendition of “Wild Flower” without any accompaniment!


And he literally sang into the hearts of everyone in the audience with his sultry, melodic voice!


At the end of his short performance, Red Velvet and GFRIEND clapped harder than ever.


Park Hyo Shin proved that he truly is the idol of idols!

Check out Red Velvet and GFRIEND’s reactions below.

As well as Park Hyo Shin’s beautiful performance!