Here Is Every Movie Reference In BTOB 4U’s “Show Your Love” You Missed

They even referenced an LGBTQ+ film!

It’s been a hot minute since BTOB has had a comeback, but their second sub-group, BTOB 4U, is here! The boys are no stranger to using movies as fun Easter eggs in their videos as they did it with their song “MOVIE” as well. How much did the sub-group pack in this time? Let’s take a look at all the references!

This comeback, each member’s concept was an homage to a different classic movie.

Eunkwang represented Lucien Carr from the 2013 movie Kill Your Darlings. It was an intense biographical film about the college days of a group of poets known as the Beat Generation and a murder that draws them together. This allusion was very well loved throughout the fandom as it is a rare LGBTQ+ reference.

Minhyuk represented Romeo from Leonardo Dicaprio’s Romeo + Juliet. Baz Luhrmann’s film is modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet—a tragic love story between star-crossed lovers that has been retold for centuries.

Changsub represented Yuddy from Days of Being Wild—the first movie in a Hong Kong trilogy that includes the famous In the Mood for Love. This first film is about a man who tries to find his real mother after being told the truth by the woman who raised him.

Peniel represented Mark Renton from the 1996 movie Trainspotting. This British film is about a drug addict who is trying to clean himself up and make himself a better life, despite the influence of his friends.

Did you catch any of these references? Give it a re-watch and you might just be amazed!


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