Every TWICE Member Was Worried Signal Would Fail… Except For One

TWICE recently revealed that all but one member was worried about their latest title track “SIGNAL” the first time they heard it.

TWICE recently guested on Choi Hwa Jung‘s Party Time and they talked about their initial reactions to their latest hit “SIGNAL”.

On the show, the members revealed that they were actually a bit confused by the song, and even worried about it being their title track. Jeongyeon relayed her thoughts on Park Jin Young‘s first title track for TWICE.

“The first time I heard it, I didn’t know it was the title track. It was different than all of our title tracks up until now so I wanted to say ‘what is this?'”

— Jeongyeon

TWICE as a whole then mentioned that besides Sana, the entire group was confused and worried about “SIGNAL”.

“Besides Sana, all of us were worried. Because of that, we prepared even harder. We were also worried about “Cheer Up” but that turned out well.”



Watch TWICE talk about their first impressions of “SIGNAL” below.


Source: Osen