There’s A Reason Every Variety Show Wants To Cast WINNER

They’ve been dominating the airwaves.

WINNER might just be the secret, or not so secret, variety kings and the key the increasing viewership ratings. Since the start of 2018, WINNER have appeared on a number of variety shows and have managed to flip them on their heads.


The group appeared along with Yoo Byung Jae on episode 127 of Knowing Brothers earlier this year. Besides totally spooking everyone with a ghost story, the boys may have also been the main reason for the spike in viewership.


According to Korea Neilsen, that particular episode of Knowing Brothers had a rating of 5.4% and TNMS showed the viewership at 6.1%. This was the second highest rating for a cable broadcast on the day it aired.

It also became the second highest episode of 2018 featuring an idol group.


The group also had a similar effect on Running Man. The overall viewership for the episode that the boys appeared on was 6.9% which was an increase in 1.2% from the previous episode.

On top of that, the big debate between Yoo Jae Suk and Mino proved to be the show’s “best one minute” with a viewership of 8%!


Mino also made an appearance on an episode of It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blanket this year. Perhaps due to the extreme handsomeness of Mino, the show had an increase in viewership of 0.5%.


Besides the increase in the other three shows, The Fisherman and the City ranked number 1 in viewership rating for the episode that featured Jinu and Mino.

The rating jumped from 3.5% to 4.5% and the boys even got a special thank you from the show.


And the episode of Law of the Jungle that aired on June 22 had a 12.9% viewership rating. During this episode, Seunghoon and Choi Hyun discovered some mammee fruit and the moment capturing Seunhoon’s delight proved to be the golden moment where viewership rose to 15.2%!


While nobody can say for sure that WINNER are the reason for the increase in viewership, you can’t help but admit that they are the kings of variety!

Source: Newsen and Sports Chosun