Everyone Is Agreeing That BLACKPINK Jennie’s White Eyeliner Look Is Especially Deadly

Our hearts were not ready for this attack!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has pulled off a ton of different looks over the years and each one has been so good and yet bad for everyone’s hearts! But Jennie’s latest white eyeliner look has proven to be especially deadly!

Jennie surprised fans with some sweet photos to her personal Instagram account. In the photos, Jennie looked like the goddess she is in a sky blue dress with complementing white eyeliner to finish the look.

But the eyeliner didn’t just finish Jennie’s look, it also finished off fans!

And pretty soon it wasn’t just fans who were feeling the effects of her visuals!

The intense look proved so deadly that it not only made headlines on several Korean news sites, but it also became a top trending item on Naver and Weibo!

While all of Jennie’s looks have been dangerous, this white eyeliner one will definitely be going down in history as one of the most dangerous!

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In the moods for skyblue, white eyeliner and some long nails

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