Everyone is calling Kang Dongho “Daddy Sexy” after what he did on Produce 101

Produce 101 contestant Kang Dong Ho has been nicknamed “Daddy Sexy” after he helped Joo Haknyeon overcome hardships.

Kang Dong Ho has been gaining quite a lot of attention for his paternal approach in helping Joo Haknyeon overcome the struggles of preparing for their concept mission stage.

During the preparation for their concept mission stages, the members of the group voted for Joo Haknyeon to be the center of the stage, but realized that he was struggling to master both the dancing and singing for the stage.

Joo Haknyeon struggled to stay in sync with the other members of the group.

Despite the criticisms the other members had about Joo Haknyeon, Kang Dong Ho never lost faith in him and continuously expressed that he believed in him. He even helped Joo Haknyeon drastically improve his singing so that he could record his parts to their concept mission song flawlessly.

Shortly after, the team successfully performed their concept mission song “Open Up” and received over 22,000 votes, in which Kang Dong Ho and Joo Haknyeon are going head to head for which contestant received the most votes.

Kang Dong Ho helped guide Joo Haknyeon and drastically improved his singing.

While many commended Joo Haknyeon for his rapid improvement, Kang Dong Ho is being highly praised for exhibiting such paternal and caring characteristics, in addition to being named the sexiest contestant on the show.

His sexy demeanor earned him multiple nicknames, such as “Fire Sexy” and “Bandit Sexy”, but his show of care and empathy towards Joo Haknyeon recently earned him the new nickname: “Daddy Sexy”.

Check out the performance Kang Dong Ho helped Joo Haknyeon with below!

Source: Star News