Everyone Fell In Love With Song Jihyo’s Revealing Dress

Everyone already knows that Song Ji Hyo looks amazing in a dress.


Any given color, fit, style, she’s bound to shine in it.


But maybe the most beautiful she’s ever been yet in a dress was at the 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong, where she wore an artfully revealing dress.


The cut on the top and bottom, not to mention the delicate sleeves, all accentuated Song Ji Hyo’s already famous beauty.


The look was so popular and well received that it’s trending on social media.


Fans hailed the goddess’s reclaiming of her beautiful and sexy side not often seen on Running Man.

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And other fans assured that everyone knows that Song Ji Hyo has always been this beautiful.


No wonder she looked so happy and lighthearted at the MAMA!

Source: UpDownNews