Everyone Is Copying Seolhyun’s Signature Pose…And Here’s Proof

AOA Seolhyun’s “Seolhyun pose” includes looking over her shoulder with her hand out.

The “Seolhyun pose” became so popular that it quickly became one of the top trends in Korea.

Since Seolhyun’s pose went viral, many celebrities have been spotted posing in the exact same way

Idols including Dia’s Eunjin

..and BtoB’s Changsub

..Red Velvet’s Irene

..WJSN’s Eunseo

.. and even entire groups like AOA’s Cream!

But it wasn’t just the girls that were loving Seolhyuns’ pose!

BTS Jungkook and SF9’s Jaeyoon also got in on the action!

But the best pose by far? Well, that award goes to Heechul of course!