Everyone Losing It Over Baekhyun’s Eyebrow “Falling Off”… SM Responds

This image shows Baekhyun’s eyebrows falling off(?)

There has been some controversy among fans over Baekhyun‘s eyebrow that are apparently “falling off” his face!

This GIF became a hot topic as it shows Baekhyun’s right eyebrow looking as if it’s drooping down his face.


The GIF came from an interview that the EXO members held during the Dubai Fountain Show. As Suho was responding to a question, Baekhyun was in the back nodding in agreement but something looked different…


…Something about his eyebrow…


Fans have been debating over whether Baekhyun had put on fake eyebrows or not as the clip does make it look like his eyebrow is “falling off”.


But Baekhyun’s makeup artist spoke up to clarify that his eyebrows weren’t fake or falling off, it was just the lighting and bad timing.

“Baekhyung’s eyebr…hahaha Dubai? Yea, I really don’t know how the camera captured such an image. Baekhyun actually has quite thick eyebrows. I’ve never even bought fake eyebrows before. I actually use Shu Uemura’s hard formula pencil to draw the outline of his eyebrows, but that’s it. In fact, these days I’ve even cut some of his eyebrows to change the shape!” — Baekhyun’s Makeup Artist


So in the end, the “falling eyebrow” was simply the shadow created by his nose and a part of his eyebrows being hidden behind his light, blonde hair!


That makes more sense because Baekhyun’s good-looking and natural eyebrows can be seen in many other photos!

Source: Nate Pann