Everyone Is Losing It Over This Nurse In China “Twerking” While Giving CPR

This nurse had a strange technique while performing the life-saving maneuver.

A nurse started “twerking” while performing CPR during a demonstration in China and the internet is losing it!


During the demonstration, three nurses performed CPR on a dummy – but it seems the woman performing compressions couldn’t help but jiggle her bottom up and down while pushing.

She also yelled loudly while doing it.


While it was happening, no one in the audience laughed, but netizens have seen the funny side and shared the video more than 4 million times while comparing it to the popular dance move.


Some netizens argued that sharing the video “misplaced their focus” from the life-saving technique, but most thought it was hilarious and jumped at the chance to make jokes!

  • “She may be saving a life, but she’s also causing heart attacks in several middle-aged and elderly people.”
  • “The dummy on stage has regained consciousness, but men in the audience have passed out.”
  • “Twerking saves lives!”
  • “If that doesn’t get the blood pumping then nothing will.”
  • “It will revive the dead!”
Source: NextShark