Everyone Wants To Marry SuperM’s Kai, But He Wants To Marry Mark

All Mark had to do was be himself.

SuperM‘s Kai is the full package from his multi-faceted vocals, graceful dancing, handsome visuals, and kind personality. These are the precise reasons why many EXO-L wouldn’t mind having him for a husband.


There’s someone else that Kai seems to want to marry, though: Mark. In their latest behind the scenes clip, Kai didn’t want anyone else.

During their spare time, Mark decided to pick up a guitar and have a mini jam session. As soon as Mark began to play, Kai was right there by his side, surprised that playing guitar was one of his skills.

Oh! You can play?

Kai wanted to know more, asking how he’d learned to play. At that moment, Kai totally became Mark’s fanboy, giving him his full attention as he played the chords. He was so into it that he suggested something that would break hearts around the world.

Oh, really? That’s cool.

After watching Mark play, Kai said he should settle down and marry him. It was so sudden even Mark couldn’t hide his shy smile.

I should get married to Mark!

Ever since SuperM formed, Kai hasn’t hidden his soft spot for Mark. From loving his naturally curly hair to being amazed whenever he sees Mark’s skills, he seems to be Kai’s favorite junior.

Everyone now knows his heart truly belongs to Mark. Watch Kai fawn over Mark’s guitar playing so much he’d think about putting a ring on it.