Everyone’s Loving How NCT Dream’s Renjun Looked After Red Velvet’s Yeri

Her “little brother” nearly offered the shirt off his back.

The relationship between Red Velvet‘s Yeri and the members of NCT Dream is a special one that fans love to see. Every interaction is that much more special since she once said, “They’re like my little brothers.”

Because of that, there’s one moment between her and Renjun that’s recently come back into the spotlight. It’s reminding fans how close they are and how much they look after one another.

When the two were standing on stage with their groups beside each other, Yeri had begun to show signs that she was cold. She was rubbing her hands together and slightly jumping in place to keep warm. Renjun noticed this and checked to see how warmly she was dressed.

That’s when Renjun decided there was something he could do to help. He held onto the sides of his jacket. While saying something, he motioned as if he’d be willing to take it off and offer it to Yeri to stay warm.

Yeri seemed to turn down the thoughtful offer. She continued to rub her hands together to keep them warm. Although Renjun couldn’t help, that didn’t stop them from having their friendly conversation and keeping themselves entertained.

The moment has fans expressing how caring Renjun is and how adorable the friendship between them is. In fact, it’s making everyone appreciate how much the NCT Dream members truly are the brothers that Yeri calls them.

No matter what the situation is, they’re always prepared to look out for their “big sister” like Renjun was quick to.

See Renjun literally offering the jacket off his back to take care of Yeri the same way she takes care of them.