Everything About BTS’s Jin Is Perfect, Even His Eyebrows

Brows are life.

BTS‘s Jin has been praised for many body parts in the past; his jawline, his lips, his hair. But now, another feature has been brought to light that deserves attention, and that is his eyebrows. These photos are proof that every aspect, but especially his eyebrows, is perfect.

bts jin eyebrow2jin eyebrows

Jin’s eyebrows are broad, which makes his face look bolder. ARMYs have noticed how Jin uses his eyebrows when he sings, which makes his emotions come out even more.

bts jin eyebrows1

bts jin eyebrows2

His eyebrows are naturally full, which allows him to expressive. Since Jin has no problem showing off his goofy side, it makes him even funnier!

bts jin eyebrows

People are freaking out over how every aspect of him is gorgeous. He’s flawless, and many netizens and fans alike are saying that Jin is the ideal type of man. When everything point of you is perfect, even the eyebrows, how does it feel?

His eyebrows are so beautiful. Jin is perfect! He looks even more handsome in real life!

– Korean Netizen


Source: TheQoo
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