Here’s Everything SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Has Been Called Before, Instead of S.Coups

Say the name! (Please!)

SEVENTEEN‘s leader S.Coups has a memorable stage name, which is a combination of “S” standing for his legal name of Seungcheol and “Coups” meaning success. Together, S.Coups means “Seungcheol the Huge Sucess” – and as ambitious as his name is, S.Coups has done a fabulous job at leading his team to the top of K-Pop.


Unfortunately, while being unique, the name “S.Coups” in Korean pronunciation is actually four syllables – and the mouthful that is left many Koreans completely troubled and baffled by trying to say his name correctly!


For starters, there have been the classic mispronunciations or little mix-ups, like “Scoops”, “Acoops” and “Spoons”.


Then there was also “Equus”, which is actually this:


While the variation to utensils and vehicles are hilarious enough, there were some Koreans who were more severely confused by the name. They managed to maintain the “S” in there somehow – but none of them were quite spot on. These included (but were not limited to) “Maximus”, “Hotchkiss”, and “Chupa Chups”.


Then there came folks who simply gave up and just winged it without even trying. They ended up calling S.Coups by whatever else has four syllables (Korean pronunciation standard) – like “He-li-cop-ter” or “Ra-ta-tou-ille”.


But the most hilarious one, now entirely embraced by the fans to be S.Coup’s alter ego, is this:


Of course, once anyone gets to watch S.Coups perform, it become impossible to get his name mixed up anymore. His stage presence, talent, and looks – along with his name – definitely make him stand out in the sea of K-Pop and people immediately get hooked! All in all, S.Coups or Asparagus, one thing is clear – Carats absolutely adore this man!

Source: THEQOO