Get Ready To Stan: Here’s Everything We Know About Starship’s New Boy Group

Which member looks like your future bias?

On February 13, Starship Entertainment revealed that the company’s new boy group (yet to be named) will debut by mid-2020. Looking for a new boy group to stan? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming rookies.


Born in 1999, Serim (real name: Park Serim) is one of the oldest members of the upcoming boy group, and his specialty is dance.

Serim used to train under YG Entertainment before joining Starship Entertainment. He also used to be part of a dance cover group and performed BTS’s “Fire” at a festival. Given his good looks, it’s no surprise that he worked as a model too.

Serim’s personality is said to be very kind and very funny. He’s also known for his visuals, and many have compared him to former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu.


Allen (real name: Allen Ma) was also born in 1999, putting him in the group’s hyung line. Allen is American-Chinese and speaks fluent Korean, English, and Mandarin.

If you watched JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids survival show, you may remember Allen as one of the contestants. After failing to make it into the group, he joined Starship Entertainment. However, he’s still close with Bang Chan.

Alongside singing, dancing, and rapping, Allen enjoys choreographing, writing songs, and martial arts.


Born in 2000, Woobin (real name: Seo Woobin) is another member of the upcoming boy group. His specialties are said to be singing and dancing, but he can also rap.

Prior to training for his debut, Woobin attended dance and vocal academies to hone his skills.

Woobin has pierced ears and sometimes wears earrings. His hobbies include playing the guitar and karaoke singing.


Jungmo (real name: Koo Jungmo) is another 2000-liner, born on February 5. He’s expected to be part of the boy group’s vocal line.

If you watched Produce X 101, you may remember that Jungmo ranked #13, missing the cut for the 11-member boy group X1 by less than 300,000 votes.

Jungmo is a keen guitar player. He was even the guitarist of his high school band, Seirentle. He also likes to play badminton, and he loves mint chocolate chip ice cream.


2001-born Wonjin (real name: Ham Wonjin) was another high-ranking Produce X 101 contestant. His specialty is singing, and he speaks Japanese.

Wonjin scored just over 2 million votes on the show, ranking him at #16. Before joining Starship Entertainment and participating in Produce X 101, he was a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment.

Sporty like Jungmo, Wonjin enjoys playing baseball. Before idol training, he was a child actor, starring in several dramas and movies.


Minhee (real name Kang Minhee), born September 17 2002, is expected to be a dancer in the new boy group.

X1 fans will recognize him as one of the members. After the group’s unfortunate disbandment, Starship Entertainment plans to debut him as a member of the new boy group.

Minhee has always loved dance, participating in a dance team called “Strawberry Milk” in his middle school years. Despite his busy journey to stardom, he’s a star student, ranking in the top 5 of his school. Like Wonjin, he also played baseball.


Like Minhee, Hyeongjun (real name: Song Hyeongjun) is a former X1 member. Born on November 30 2002, Hyeongjun was X1’s lead dancer, so he’ll probably be in the new boy group’s dance line.

Popular from the start, Hyeonjun ranked #4 on Produce X 101. Before joining the show, he performed as a backup dancer for Jeong Sewoon.

He has many hobbies, including calligraphy, soccer, and practicing Seoul dialect. Fans have compared his adorable face to that of Snowball, the rabbit from The Secret Life of Pets movie.


Born on January 27 2003, Taeyoung (real name: Kim Taeyoung) specializes in singing and is expected to join the new boy group’s vocal line.

Before training with Starship Entertainment, Taeyoung was a trainee under SM Entertainment. He also studied at a dance academy to improve his skills.

He’s known for his kindness, humor, small face, and sporting abilities. Taeyoung was also very popular in school.


Last but not least, there’s the group’s maknaeSungmin (real name: Ahn Sungmin). Born in 2003, Sungmin’s expected position in the group is currently unknown.

Sungmin is loud but kind. Despite his ‘cold beauty’ visuals, he’s said to be very pure-hearted.

This young rookie loves riding his bicycle, sleeping, and eating yogurt and Haribo candy.