The Evolution Of BTS Jimin’s Way With Words From Debut To Now

Jimin believes fans made him who he is today.

We all know just how genuine and sweet BTS‘s Jimin is when it comes to talking and expressing himself to fans. An online community board posted the ‘evolution of BTS Jimin’s way with words’ and gained attention for his never-changing ways of expressing himself to fans.

Starting from pre-debut, you can already see what a smol baby he was as he continues to leave comments about him needing to work harder.

His messages left on Twitter during their first year of debut shows how sweet and kind he is with his words. He is always humble, creating more room for him to grow as a person and an artist. He never forgets to thank fans for their unconditional love and support as well.

“We finished the show well~ I think all the sunbaenim’s are all so cool. I hope to be as cool as them someday!”

“Thanks to all those who came out to see us despite it raining outside. My heart hurt after hearing that some fans weren’t able to make it inside. Did you guys like our dance? I was so nervous my legs were shaking! Ah!”

“We are finally on our way to Uljin! Please wait for us! It’s raining a lot in Uljin so please don’t catch a cold and bring your raincoats! We will be there soon!”

“The 95ers are having fun in the practice room!”

“This is Jimin~~~ARMY thanks as always for coming out to see us~ We are currently waiting to do a show~ I took a selfie! I’m even doing the peace sign. I don’t think you can see it because it’s so dark.”

“There are a lot of cacti here and they are this big (it’s not because I am small). And the important thing is the picture below!

How can there be a restaurant in this cave! This is unbelievable!”

“Guys I really must be bad at the computer…it took me an hour to upload a photo. But for your viewing pleasure~ I finally uploaded it hahaha. Shall we begin our journey to Japan now then! But to be honest, there are only photos of us eating.”

The above messages are all from pre-debut to their first year since debut and you can see right away how cute and bright Jimin’s personality is. He loves to share what he is doing with fans and never forgets to thank them for joining them on their journey. Below are messages written by Jimin in 2020.

But you know guys. We are happy being together right. But this is only possible if we are healthy and not sick. You know that right? I truly hope that we will always be happy and healthy. We all may have those days where things aren’t going well and we might not be able to understand all of your pain, but I hope that we can console and bring you happiness even if it’s just a little bit. I am always thankful for all of you and I will see you in a live stream soon. Thank you always.

“I hope that all of you have a precious time with your families.”

“I am truly always thankful to ARMYs for allowing me to have opportunities that I never would have ever imagined to have. I will never forget today and will always show my best to you all. Thank you and I love you.”

Although he may have grown and become more mature in his writing skills, fans don’t see any difference in his heart on how much he doesn’t take this life for granted and is always humble and grateful to all those that have helped him to where he is today.