This Ex-YG Entertainment Trainee Reveals Why She Left The Company

She trained under YG Entertainment during its starting stages, here’s why she left.

Singer MAYDONI used to be a YG Entertainment trainee, and she reveals the reason she left in a new YouTube video uploaded to her channel.

MAYDON had entered YG Entertainment during its first stages, meaning that she had a lot of juniors. She brings up one specific trainee who would never greet her, so she decided to take the initiative and greet her first. Yang Hyun Suk was not happy with this and asked her,

 How can you be the first to approach and greet them?

She recalls a time when she was 16 and was put by the company to stay at a hotel with senior artists. Even though she was a minor, they had no problem drinking in front of her the entire night. She recalls that one of the artists said to her,

I wish you can grow up already so that you can go clubbing with us.

She also claims that her older sister had auditioned for YG Entertainment as well. Yang Hyun Suk had told her that her sister was prettier and more talented than her and recruited her as a trainee. When she started training, however, he would constantly ignore her despite how energetically she greeted him. Their mother begged Yang Hyun Suk to return the greeting, but he pretended to be clueless.

MAYDONI also reveals that YG treats trainees who come from rich families differently. Rich parents would send gifts to YG and in turn, he would treat them differently. He would give them additional training and lessons and overall treat them better.

She says that knowing this was going on, she couldn’t hold on anymore. Her chances of debuting as 2NE1 member were high, but she says she doesn’t regret leaving YG Entertainment.

Check out the video here:

Source: Pann Nate
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