These Are The “Excessive Conditions” You Would Need To Be Kim Soo Hyun’s Girlfriend

He once posted a very detailed description of his future girlfriend’s requirements.

The conditions that actor Kim Soo Hyun‘s jokingly posted in an online community for his future girlfriend candidates have resurfaced for how hilariously excessive they sound.

In various online communities, a post that was shared back in August of 2008 has resurfaced.

At the time, Kim Soo Hyun shared the conditions that his future girlfriend needs to fulfill, and it’s very detailed, to say the least.

The translated post reads as follows:

You have to be sad because of me, want to die because of me, and feel regret because of me.

You have to think about me no matter who you look at, and most importantly, you can’t be suspicious of me.

You can’t meddle in my life either, because that’s annoying. I’m good at cussing you out.

But when I need you, you always have to be there. I lack affection in my life.

You also have to be quick-witted because I have a hot temper. And if you try to teach me, you’re dead.

Oh yeah… and buy me medicine. I get sick frequently.

I have an irregular heartbeat, too. I need surgery.

Okay, now try to love me.

If you can’t, just give up.

So that I can bawl my eyes out.

– Kim Soo Hyun

Although this was posted before he became a famous actor, his current fame has caused his “dark past” to haunt him.

But that’s okay, because many people would still line up for years to be his girlfriend!