EXID Hyerin reveals she had a side-job at an ice-cream store after debuting

Although many aspiring singers dream to debut in an idol group, not all groups find success right away. 

In fact, top girl group EXID member Hyerin discussed her financial struggles even after making her debut on a radio show. Hyerin explained that EXID exploded in popularity from member Hani‘s viral “Up&Down” fancam, she had to work part-time at an ice cream shop in the early morning before going to practice. She added that while she was working, she kept it a secret from her group members because she didn’t want them to worry about her or feel bad that they weren’t successful enough yet.

Upon hearing her story, Hani noted that she simply thought Hyerin woke up early every morning to work out, revealing that she was oblivious to Hyerin’s secret. Hyerin later added that one of her colleagues at the ice cream shop eventually revealed that he had always known that she was from EXID because he had been her fan since their debut, but didn’t say anything because he didn’t want her to be embarrassed. She said her heart broke when her colleague had told her this from a mixture of feelings she couldn’t describe.