EXID LE’s Niece Looks Like The Happiest Kid On Earth Posing With These K-Pop Groups

She’s the cutest fangirl!

EXID‘s LE recently created her own Twitter account – and as one of the very first tweets to go up, she shared two pictures of her niece. In the caption, LE thanked Weki Meki and GOT7 for taking the time to pose with her niece who dropped by the broadcasting studio. And the little girl in these pictures looks so happy to have met these idols that it’s melting everyone’s hearts!


LE wrote, “A big thanks to Weki Meki and GOT7 for taking pictures with my lovely niece!” The pictures captured LE’s niece smiling brightly among Weki Meki and GOT7 members. Weki Meki were captured hugging the little girl and giving her all the love and affection…


… while GOT7 members were spotted treating LE’s niece like a princess, holding on to both her hands like she’s the most valuable treasure in the room. LE’s niece, with her fluffy cheeks full of face paint, looked simply thrilled to be at the broadcasting studio with her favorite K-Pop artists!


LE added in the tweet that her niece didn’t get a chance to take a picture with her fellow EXID teammates. She shared, “Too bad my niece didn’t get to pose with EXID aunties. LOL!” But the fans know LE’s niece is EXID’s #1 fan! The girl brought a handmade card to show her support for her favorite idol of them all, her auntie LE!

Translation: “I love you, auntie LE”


LE later tweeted a short video of the girl being her daily stylist – straightening out her stage outfit and making sure that auntie is on fleek. Looks like LE’s niece had the time of her life at her day trip to the broadcasting studio!

Translation: “My personal stylist straightening out my clothes”


Fans are now thanking the little girl for giving them this behind-the-scene interaction between EXID, Weki Meki, and GOT7. They simply adore LE’s smallest, but the biggest fan!

Source: THEQOO