EXID’s Hani Was Famous For Being This Idol’s Doppelganger Back In High School

The idol heard the news, and wasn’t too happy.

A recent conversation on tvN Life Bar has revealed that EXID‘s Hani was actually famous in high school for looking like Super Junior‘s Heechul!


The topic was first brought up when fellow EXID member Hyelin suggested that Hani and Heechul shared a resemblance.

“You guys look alike.” — Hyelin


Hani (whose real name is Ahn Hee Yeon) revealed that she heard that very often when she was younger. So much so, that people started calling her Ahn Heechul.

“In high school, people would tell me that I looked like Kim Heechul. So when I met Heechul for the first time, I told him that my nickname used to be ‘Ahn Hee Chul.'” — Hani


When Heechul heard this, he didn’t take it very well. In fact, he got angry at Hani for even suggesting such a thing.

“When Heechul heard this, he yelled ‘Let’s wrap up. I’m angry, so I can’t work today!'” — Hani


The two laughed it off, however, because of their close friendship!

“I said that?” — Heechul


Check out a clip from the segment below:

Source: Dispatch, My Daily and Osen