EXID’s Hani Freaking Out At Basketball Game Is The First Meme of 2018

Hani’s expression is addictive.

EXID recently performed for the opening ceremony of the new season of professional basketball in South Korea…

Where they only not showcased their sexy performances but also their skills on the court.

Hani, in particular, received a lot of praise for her appearance when she was given the honor of throwing the first basket. She wore her emotions on her sleeve as you could see everything that was going through her mind in her expressions.

From an awkward and nervous expression about opening the match…

To a look of pure surprise and show when she successfully shot the ball into the hoop on the first try! She never looked so animated!

Somehow EXID’s Hani managed to go from oozing sex appeal…

To candidly ecstatic in just one event!

Priceless! Typical of Hani, eh?