EXID’s Hani Freaks Out When Hyerin Talks About Her Ex-Boyfriend On TV

On this week’s of Airplane Girl, things got a little bit personal between EXID’s Hani and Hyerin.

They met their friend, gagwoman Kim Jimin at a cafe, while chatting about hobbies and naturally dating as well.

Hyerin asked Jimin if she gets lonely, to which she said no.

“I’m leaving so happily, so I don’t feel like the need [to date].”

Hyerin and Hani confirmed that they are lonely and without boyfriends right now.

Jimin, who dated gagman Yoo Sang Moo for four years, asked the pair if they’d ever go public if they ever dated.

That’s when Hyerin spilled the tea.

“Well, it was already revealed once.”

Hyerin was no doubt referring to Hani’s public relationship with JYJ’s Xia Junsu which was revealed on New Year’s Day 2016 and ended later that year.

Hani started awkwardly laughing and lowly said “Be quiet.”

Jimin, who has been through a public break-up, pretended to throw water at Hyerin.

Hani continued laughing and jokingly threatened Hyerin.

“You wanna die?”

Hyerin just replied with an evil laugh, as Hani and Jimin shook hands as comrades.

You can see the video here!