EXID’s Hani Reveals What She’s Like When She’s In Love

EXID’s Hani recently revealed her true personality when it comes to dating during an in-depth interview.

Fans love Hani for her down to earth personality, as she’s the perfect next-door-neighbor type of girl off camera.

Yet she’s one of the sexiest idols on stage!

With her sultry gazes and fierce body waves, Hani tops the list as a sexy icon of the century!

Since EXID’s new title “DDD” was another sexy hit with the fierce unnie concept, Hani was asked what kind of dating style she preferred.

“I would say I’m a stronger type. I have charisma. I hear that a lot actually haha.”

— Hani

Cute, sexy, fierce and charismatic… Hani is definitely a woman of many layers and styles!

The other EXID members also revealed their dating styles.

“I am really the submissive type, when I am in the wrong I bow down to my boyfriend and apologize right away, (hehe) but when I know that he is lying then I become more of a strong unni style.”

— Hyerin

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a boyfriend so I can’t remember, but I don’t get nervous around guys that I like. I like to play hard to get and make them chase me instead. That makes me feel a sense of achievement (wink).”

— LE

“I’m not really strong when it comes to dating. And I’m not good at expressing my emotions.”

— Junghwa

No matter how well they work as a team, the EXID members definitely differ in one thing: dating!

Source: Bestiz