EXID’s Hani Wanted To Get Plastic Surgery And Her Mom’s Response Will Make You Emotional

What her mom said was so beautiful and heartwarming

EXID’s Hani is one of the most loveable idols out there.

She is a charismatic and talented performer who can capture the attention of just about anyone with her fierce dance moves. But offstage, she is a goofy and excitable person with the best reactions.

But just like everyone, she has her own share of insecurities.

As many know, the visuals in the K-Pop industry are insane. And unfortunately with this emphasis on visual appearance, this means some people tend to nitpick every single feature of an idol’s appearance.

Sadly, this may have consequences on an idol’s confidence and self-worth.

Previously, Hani guested on “Same Bed, Different Dreams” where there a teenage girl appeared along with her mother.

Despite how young she was, the girl was considering plastic surgery because of how she felt about her appearance.

This brought back Hani to some of her own experiences and she opened up about feeling insecure about her own visuals, especially when she was in the idol industry.

Hani had felt that there were so many celebrities in South Korea who were much better looking than her like Kim Taehee. The social pressures and beauty standards progressively got to her until she considered getting a nosejob.

However Hani’s mother stopped her before Hani could do it.

My mom said, “even though you have a nose job, you can’t be Kim Taehee

Her mother insisted that Hani shouldn’t get plastic surgery so Hani decided against it.

Hani revealed on the episode that her mother has been encouraging and supportive of her own appearance since Hani was a child.

These are the words my mom has told me every single day … “Hani you are a very precious one”, “You are really special because you are my daughter”

These loving words were intended to strengthen Hani’s self-worth and her acceptance of her self. It was amazing that Hani’s mother consistently reminded her daughter that she was an amazing and beautiful person. Hani discusses how grateful she is for her mother’s words.

Even though I’m not pretty, even when I’m not good at something. The fact that I’m really precious to someone is very helpful.

Hani’s story brought the teenage girl and her mother to tears, given how supportive Hani’s mother has been for her.

Hani too struggled to hold back her tears of how her mother has continually helped her overcome her insecurities. She encouraged the girl’s mother to be just as supportive of her own daughter.

“You are so pretty the way you are” … I hope that you talk a lot of things that makes her feel that she is very important, that she is very valuable

Plastic surgery is ultimately a choice, but the social pressures that women face can have detrimental effects on their self-worth and confidence.

At the end of the day, it is always important for us to accept and love all the gifts and opportunities we have in our own life.

Hani has never gotten plastic surgery and her beauty and visuals continue to be stunning.

It is heartwarming to see Hani’s mother be so kind-hearted and loving of her daughter.

While beauty standards continue to be a challenge that everyone faces, if children are consistently taught the importance of self-worth and self-confidence by their parents then hopefully there can be a change in the way people see themselves.

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