EXID’s Hyerin Caused Two Of Her Biggest Fans To Get Married 

These two fans went viral after the internet knew how their love story came about it… 

And it all began during EXID’s concert in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

The man, in particular, initially got the spotlight within the fandom when he held on to Hyerin’s photo during the concert. 

The fangirl in her noticed him and both became friends afterwards. 


…And they got on very well that they recently made it official and got married! 

With their fellow fans knowing what happened, they could not help but share it online. 

In the hopes of that EXID will notice their effect on them. And it worked! 

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With Hyerin sharing the lovely story on her personal Instagram page herself. 

There’s no love story like a K-Pop love story right? Congratulations to the happy couple!