Jack Black Once Transformed Into A K-Pop Idol With The Help Of EXO And AOA

A little bit of “Growl” and his transformation was complete!

In case you didn’t know, Jack Black has put out a number of different songs under the name Tenacious D. His rock and metal style are always great but one time he delved into the world of K-Pop with a little help from EXO and AOA!


Back in 2016, Jack Black was a guest on Infinite Challenge. While they put him through the wringer with a lot of different activities, there was one challenge that was right up his alley! During one portion of the show, they had him create mini-covers of a number of K-Pop songs while the cast had to guess what the original songs were.


Although he covered a number of songs from Orange Caramel‘s “Catallena” to Soyu and Junggigo‘s “Some”…


He immediately transformed into a K-Pop star when he began singing along to AOA’s “Heart Attack”…


And EXO’s “Growl”!


The cast was really impressed with how quickly he was able to convey the songs to them even though he hadn’t heard them before and many fans were too!


Jack Black was a guest on the show in 2017 as well and reprised his K-Pop idol image. But you can never have too much of this crossover, so now the only question is, will there ever be another one! Check out the video of his two K-Pop star moments below.