Baekhyun Casually Mentioned He’ll Be Recording With EXO Soon Sparking Comeback Talks

He dropped a few other spoilers too!

When it comes to dropping spoilers, EXO is at the top of their game. Sometimes they love to leave little hints in their online posts, other times they’ll incorporate some new material into their live sessions, and sometimes they’ll just casually mention the info which is exactly what Baekhyun just did!


Baekhyun just blessed us all with a very sweet nighttime Instagram live where he did everything from talking about everything from SuperM to busting out his heavenly vocals for some sudden singing.


And while there was plenty of amazing moments from the live, there were a couple of moments in particular that really stood out because of all the spoilers! During the live, he promised fans that no matter how he’s promoting, as a SuperM member, with EXO, or solo, he’ll always work hard. But the way he phrased it had many fans thinking that Baekhyun was dropping some clues about upcoming solo and EXO work!

As I’ve said before, while promoting with SuperM, be it EXO or my solo, those will continue to be done smoothly! I don’t know!  why I’ve been continuously scheduled and if I work hard, I think this year will be very interesting!

— Baekhyun


EXO-Ls suspicions about EXO work were later further supported when Baekhyun revealed EXO will be recording something soon…

Starting next week, EXO will start recording!

— Baekhyun


And that it should be done by the time the weather turns chilly!

I think something will come out by the time the weather gets cold.

— Baekhyun


With these hints, EXO-Ls are in full celebration mode and falling even further for their spoiler king!