Baekhyun Once Again Caught Everyone By Surprise With His Abstract Drawing Skills

EXO-Ls were determined to get the right answers this time!

Last month, EXO‘s Baekhyun charmed everyone with his very abstract animal drawings during an episode of SM Super Idol League Season 3 and now he’s come back with round 2 of his mad drawing skills!


On a recent episode of the live broadcast, Baekhyun once again showed off his Battlegrounds gaming skills and took some time to have some fun with fans including a little quiz showing off his drawing skills again!


Last time, when Baekhyun asked fans to guess what he drew, he was met with countless question marks suggesting that most fans had no clue. But this time things were a little bit different. This time fans were so determined to guess the right answers that they guessed everything imaginable and managed to guess a number of them correctly on the first try!


See if you can identify them:







Now time for the answers! While most fans correctly identified no. 1 as an Americano…


No. 2 as a dragon fruit, and no. 3 as a fire-breathing dragon, number four and five were a little bit trickier.


With a couple of hints from Baekhyun, EXO-Ls were able to identify the fourth drawing as the cherry blossoms Baekhyun wore on his head…


But the fifth drawing continued to stump fans. In fact, some of the guesses ended up confusing Baekhyun in turn! Like the fact that many fans were convinced it was really a photo of Chen


When in reality it was a white tiger!


How many of these did you guess correctly and do you see Chen in the white tiger photo?