EXO-Ls Have Been Celebrating The Return Of EXO’s “Vespa Duo” Baekhyun And Chanyeol

The “Vespa duo” is back!

It wouldn’t be an EXO comeback without at least one sighting of the “Vespa duo!”


On October 29, everyone got some amazing news when SBS funE reported that EXO will be releasing their sixth studio album in late November. The news got even better when SM Entertainment later confirmed the news and announced EXO are currently preparing for their album while revealing that the exact release date would be announced soon.


Adding onto the amazing news, soon fans were reporting sightings of the EXO members together at the SM Entertainment building! But it wasn’t just the fact that EXO were spotted together that had fans incredibly excited it was the sighting of the scooter duo!


When it was time for everyone to head out, Chanyeol and Baekhyun had everyone melting when they were seen leaving the SM Entertainment building on Chanyeol’s iconic blue Vespa scooter.


Making the moment even cuter, Baekhyun could be heard giving a shout of surprise before making sure his grip on Chanyeol and the scooter was good when Chanyeol stepped on the accelerator to leave!


The sighting of the duo has been making fans go wild not only because of Baekhyun’s adorable reaction to the sudden acceleration but because a sighting of the two on the scooter has become a legendary comeback sight!


Spotting Chanyeol and Baekhyun together on the scooter despite owning some luxury cars between them, is something that fans have fallen in love with seeing and it’s even become something that many fans look forward to!


And with an adorable sight like that, who wouldn’t be feeling even more pumped for their next comeback!