EXO’s Baekhyun And His Childhood Friends Are The Definition Of Friendship Goals

True friends are those you can laugh and cry with.

EXO’s Baekhyun filmed himself hanging out with his childhood friend in his most recent vlog update. Their cute interactions indicated just how present Baekhyun’s childhood friends have been throughout his entire life.

Growing up in Bucheon, South Korea, Baekhyun has maintained a close bond with several of his friends for over twenty years, and they’re affectionately referred to as his “Bucheon Gang.” His closest friend, Yoo Sung, is especially known to EXO-Ls and is referred to as Baekhyun’s “Love Light” Friend (even by Baekhyun himself) due to a famous pre-debut video of Baekhyun and him singing along to CNBLUE‘s “Love Light.”

In Kyoongtube’s latest update, the two went for a walk and shared a meal, and the antics of Yoo Sung greatly resembled the playfulness Baekhyun is known for.

Besides constantly supporting Baekhyun in his everyday life and his idol activities, Baekhyun’s friends are close to all of EXO, attending their concerts and giving love to EXO’s solo activities.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true friendship without some teasing, and though the Bucheon Gang did their best to dance to “Candy,” what makes them so much like Baekhyun is their ability to make everyone laugh.

Yoo Sung was also spotted supporting Baekhyun’s unisex streetwear label.

While the brief moments we’ve seen of Baekhyun and his friends have given fans glimpses into the tight-knit brotherhood they have with one another, it’s Baekhyun’s direct words that let us know how vital this childhood friendship is to him.

With such a loving and heartfelt message, it’s evident how much Baekhyun cherishes his friends and how grateful he is for them in his life.