EXO’s Baekhyun Confesses He Used To Be Afraid Of Cameras

Those photoshoots weren’t always so easy for him.

When it comes to confidence, EXO‘s Baekhyun is one of the idols that could easily top the list. From his beautiful vocals to his smooth dancing on stage, he has everything a performer could want. That’s not even including how well he can pull off any style.

Despite this, he admitted he wasn’t always so confident. In an interview with iHeartRadio‘s Stacy Nam, he revealed that he’d been afraid of cameras in his early days, especially during photoshoots.

Whenever EXO were slated to do photoshoots, it posed a unique problem for Baekhyun. Since he’d trained for less than a year, he was inexperienced compared to the rest of his group members.

Because of that, they knew precisely how to pose for the best shots. To prove it, he even demonstrated it for Stacy to see, moving his head and striking a pose.

The other members would put their hands in their pockets and when the camera flashed, they would do this: slightly turn their head to the side and turn to face the camera again with a different expression.

Trying his best to close the gap, Baekhyun did what he could. Just like anybody would, he would smile and look at the camera, even folding his arms for a different pose.

He admitted, “In the beginning, when I took photos… I think I took it like this and did poses like this. My poses were so outdated in the beginning.”

That lack of experience and not knowing what suited him best caused him to feel insecure, “My confidence. So, I was like, ‘What do I do?” I was so embarrassed. I was just your average person. And, all of [a] sudden, I was doing photoshoots for the first time. I wasn’t even someone who took selfies.”

It was a side of himself Baekhyun had never seen before. Not only did standing in front of a camera make him nervous, but it reached a level worse than that. He’d gained a fear of cameras.

So, taking photos at that time, I was so embarrassed. I don’t usually have that kind of personality. But, the way I was at that time, was so strange to me as well. I’m not shy normally, but in front of the camera, I was nervous.

As he grew with EXO, gaining experience and learning from them, Baekhyun revealed that he’d been able to overcome that fear.

He explained, “Firstly, as the members were already so good, I learned to a certain degree by watching them. And, now I am not afraid of cameras and not nervous anymore.”

Even the most experienced idols didn’t debut with an overflowing sense of confidence and fearlessness. They’ve gained that with growth. See Baekhyun discuss how it was able to overcome that fear here.