EXO’s Baekhyun Couldn’t Hide His Reaction To TXT’s Yeonjun’s Height

Baekhyun hadn’t realized how tall he was until that moment.

EXO made their much-anticipated comeback with “Obsession”. During an interview segment with SBS‘s Inkigayo to promote it, they ran into TXT‘s Yeonjun and Soobin, who were special hosts.


A moment between Baekhyun and Yeonjun has fans laughing at the interaction.

At the beginning of the segment, Baekhyun received the first hint that Yeonjun was tall. He didn’t have to try hard to hide behind him before EXO were introduced. It wasn’t at that moment he realized, though.

As soon as Yeonjun started talking, now beside them, Baekhyun couldn’t peel his eyes away from him. He was the tallest one among them.

His funny expression had fans wondering if he was more shocked by Yeonjun’s tall height or simply thought he was adorable.

Since TXT are all very tall, especially for their young ages, it’s no wonder Baekhyun would be just a bit shook.


Watch Baekhyun have only eyes for Yeonjun here.